My dad used to do a magic sketch that reminds me of this great duo. He used to do a mystical leg disappearing trick with a towel and great showmanship. These guys just took that and injected it with HGH. Congrats Japan, you finally made me laugh.

Happy friday…cut some rug

Hope your Friday is half as enjoyable as this video…

Hacker from MIT’s revenge

This video is super long but if you like nerdy stuff then this is for you. I seriously wish i knew how to do half the stuff that is in this video. I know its nerdy but please watch… its impressive.

Random Pictures

Just some random pics that i found and thought i would share…

I laughed for about 5 minutes straight the first time i saw this pic…so bloody funny


Every time i see a phone book at my door it think this exact same thing.


I believe this to be true about the news.


I heart conspiracy theories.


This is so true about food service


I want a bulldog so bad… just for the reason of giving him this toy.


And this is just funny as hell


Jonah Rocks

So i found this little prodigy Jonah the other day and i was absolutely amazed. Some of the videos say that he is 3 when playing and others say that he is 4, others say 5… either way i can not believe how good he is with the beats nor how cute he is while playing them.

and another for your entertainment…

And another for you to enjoy…i really do hate this song (because i’ve heard it so much) but im still amazed.

still not convinced… check out his site again.

im back…

So I know that I haven’t posted in a long time, and I am sorry for that. I got a bit bored with the internet for a while and could not get inspired to post anything that meant anything to me. With that said I found something that I was rather shocked to see. I recently joined a group on facebook called “i raved in oregon in the 90’s” and while looking at the pics that were on their fan page I saw this pic. I am on the bottom right in the yellow shirt and Adler is on the bottom left with robyn in the middle. It is completely amazing that I found this pic, what are the chances? I have no idea who took this pic and im guessing that this was taken in Seattle considering how big the room is, so with that said… what are the chances that someone took this pic 10years ago… we were walking in the pic at that exact moment…they posted it… and I find it now. I need to play the lottery!!!

henry rollins + electronic music

i found this video from a guy named djsteveporter. he takes henry rollins and his stupid comments about rave music and makes a pretty awesome song out of it. btw i love how he put the technoviking in the video as well..

i guess im a super self important person that carries around suitcases full of records… dooohhh!!!

go ahead and skip this one mom and dad there is a decent amount of cursing envolved.

here is the actual monologue from sir douche bag himself henry rollins if you were curious about what he was saying.

im pretty sure that these are the people that were taking the drugs that henry was talking about…they have the best moves i have ever seen. if only MJ was alive… they could have a dance off.
what is more impressive, the dance moves or the shirt?

catching up with anakin

i found this vid today and was pretty intrigued by what he had to say about life after george lucas. i found it interesting that he says at one point that he has tried to block out a memory of watching the movie that he was in, but i would guess a lot of actors do that…
the rocking is awesomely awkward

now here for something sweet… in the near future i will be getting hitched and i am trying to get my future wife to do something like this just for an ice breaker.


im done with the news…

i think i have officially signed off on watching any type of news. I used to watch fox and realized that they are all a bunch of “the sky is falling” schizos, so then i decided that i would see what cnn is all about… and this is what they report on. obama swatting a fly better than ahmadinejad. REALLY?
hey cnn your nose is a bit brown, and fox the sky is not falling… now report some real news.
i will stick with sportscenter from here on…


so i know its been a while since posting but that is a long a tedious story so ill skip it. with that said i give you skatebang. i have no idea what madona or the bald dude in the fat suit have to do with anything but watch this video until about 1:20 and that is where it gets good. i had to watch this in segments cause i was laughing to hard…

ps thank you mr diggles for fixin everything… i owe you a ZJ!