Monthly Archives: January 2007

Gears of War Glitches

In true fassion of my nerd profile, I am proud to say that im a Gears Of War fan. Here is a clip of some of the glitches that are in Gears Of War its actually a pretty interesting clip for one simple fact… that these guys played so much that they figured out , not only were there glitches, but how to actually recreate them. Kinda sad but impressive at the same time.

Thank God for bulletproof glass

These soldiers literally get to see what could have been the end of them if it wasnt for the bulletproof glass… thank God for technology.

Where am I?

I love how this kid tries to walk after getting knocked down, oh ya and the comment by the camera man at the end.

Brian Regan

This guy is funny as hell. Is hell funny? I submit that it is.

Skid Boot

Ok, I rarely condone this type of activity (especially the cowboy hats) but after my Dad showed me this clip of Skid Boot the dog I felt it necessary to post this clip for the viewing audience. The clip is a little long and about the middle you start to see what this dog can truly do. This dog is much smarter than 90% of the people I serve at either bar that I work at, and I know that’s not saying too much. In short I want this dog.

Little devil child

Children are so innocent, unless their parents suck. For some reason this pic made me laugh so hard, can you see why?


ok as my first official blog on this site I want to comment on the new David Beckham deal that the L.A. Galaxy agreed on. According to ESPN Mr. Beckham signed a deal(with endorsements) for 5 years for 250 million dollars. UHM, can you say ridiculious, I understand the concept of trying to save the MLS, through proper investment, but at the price of 50 million a year… I think that might be some money flushed down the drain. Considering that most of the soccer fans in the U.S. are mainly of the latino descent (or spoiled white kids who care of only themselves) they most likely dont care about Beckham as much as they do about the appointing of the new national coach Hugo Sanchez. I think that this is a nice gesture for the MLS, but I believe its more of an opportunity for Beckham and his wife Posh to achieve the ultimate Hollywood dream as opposed to David trying to do a noble thing like saving the MLS. But I guess if some one was willing to pay me that much money to play soccer in a place that I wouldn’t living in (especially with the high maintenance wife looking over you shoulder) then I guess I could find it in my cold black heart to accept the money and move.

Barats and Bereta

this clip will aways get me to laugh no matter what type of mood im in, it is money.

A great bud light commercial

to me bud light has the best commercials known to man, and this one demonstrates that greatness. Oh ya and I love their beer.

Dumb chick pumping gas

this chick gives it her all