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Don't taunt LeBron

So last night i was sitting at restaurant with Diggles watching the Blazer game and in a pretty good mood because the Blazers had about a 10 point lead with about 4 minutes to play, when out of nowhere LeBron … Continue reading

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Mike Relm

Mike Relm… O face scratch… So last night i went to see the blue man group show at the rose garden and they had mike relm open up for them. Other than the fact that the blue man group completely … Continue reading

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With recent tragic death of Heath Ledger, I find this picture to be very ironic. I also think that this is one of the most bad ass movie posters i have ever seen and i still plan on seeing this … Continue reading

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I heart this tech

You know its going to be a bad day when you have a nerdgasim over a new computer that you cant have, but i have some how been able to figure out a way to make my day worth while. … Continue reading

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Bosque del Apache

After Christmas i went to New Mexico to see the future in-laws and we went to this marsh where thousands of birds come in for the winter (which doesn’t make a lot of sense because it was like below freezing) … Continue reading

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