Monthly Archives: February 2008

huge RC plane

this is one of the sweetest things i have ever seen. i wonder how much this thing cost to put together? (im guessing at least $15,000) I would love to fly something like this, but i know that i would crash it… which i think would be even more awesome. Hey Ken… lets build one and then lets put some mini pipe bombs on it and drop them over some random cow pasture and then when we are done with that we can drop off some supplies to scotty maybe, some twinkies and flowers?

hillary pwned


I know that this picture is a few years old but i thought it would be funny to bring it back up. this picture is from i believe 2003 when hillary went to meet the troops in Iraq. According to is an awesome website for urban legends and hours of entertainment, thanks dad) this is a sign that soldiers give when they are coerced into taking pictures that they don’t what to like in a hostage situation. i found this funny that the soldier had the whereabouts and the nuts to do this knowing that it would get circulated all over the net. i wonder if he had to do some pt for this or did he get a lobster dinner?

Michael Jackson's kids

I heard that there were some pictures of michael jackson’s kids floating around the web so i decided to spend some precious time online and find them, and when i did find them something occurred to me as being rather odd, they are white?!? below is a pic of michael before his 8 trillion cosmetic surgeries and he is a pretty dark man, dark enough to where you know that it is not just a great tan. Now if you look at his kids in the following pic it really doesn’t make sense of how this could be, then it dawned on me, he has no reproductive organs that you are aware of and this is one giant publicity stunt. But anyway i found this to be rather funny and ironic in a very sad sort of way.

Dear Michael: you used to rule so much and now i feel like i should be paying for you to spend an hour a day with dr. phil, ok maybe not an hour a day would do it so lets go from noon to 10 pm every day. good luck you flippin nut job!



1984 Apple commercial

i thought that in honor of the super bowl that is about to be played in a couple of days, (pats are going to win) i would bring some attention back to the commercial that is credited to starting the commercial frenzy during the super bowl that we know today. In 1984 Apple showed this commercial in the second half of the game introducing the concept of event marketing for a measly price of $800,000 for 60 seconds. This commercial has been said to have been shown only once but according to Wiki. “The famous “1984” commercial that launched the Macintosh during the Super Bowl in 1984 is purported to have been shown only once; but to qualify for 1983’s advertising awards, the commercial also aired on December 15 at a small TV station in Twin Falls, Idaho [CBS affiliate KMVT], and in movie theaters for weeks starting on January 17th”.

So when your watching the game and you think to yourself, hey who started this whole commercial trend? You can now say it was Apple. Thanks Apple, your the greatest.