Monthly Archives: March 2008

lost in translation


i love how things like this slip through the cracks when it comes to translating into a different language (at least thats what i hope happened). I would think that somewhere down the line when they are deciding to distribute to the U.S. someone would say “uhm i think we might want to change the name of this one, it kinda has two meanings in the U.S.” but no, i have to look at this and think “am i perverted or are other people thinking this too?” either way i know i would pass on and offering of “Cock flavored soup”.

disneyland 1995?


the other day i was going through some old pics and i found this one that i had totally forgot about. when i was in high school i hitched a ride to Disneyland with my best friend at the time and his parents. (I had to hitch a ride because up until that point my parents didn’t love me enough to take me there themselves, but i guess that is neither here nor there but i still haven’t gotten over it) but the point is that i saw this pic and it made me laugh so hard that i had “water” coming out of my nose and i have the same reaction every time i see it on my frig. enjoy

P.S. i still have that jacket (im second in the log)