Monthly Archives: February 2009

website number?

this video makes me feel really great about the people that have been elected to lead us out of this recession. it actually amazes me how out of touch politicians are when it comes to technology, if you need an example think about how big the news was that obama was addicted to his blackberry… really? i would hope all of them would be crackberry addicts. i would think that in their business they would want to always be connected to info and people. btw, i also think that its awesome that if this would have been bush this would have been on the front page of the NY Times, but since its the dem’s then it gets shoved to page 34 in the bottom right corner in 6 pt font.

bizkit the sleepwalking dog

hello internets world, this friday i give you bizkit the sleepwalking dog. now we have all seen dogs that twitch while they sleep but this glorious little dude takes it to a whole new level. i think i found this so funny cause i have been known to sleepwalk myself and waking up in areas that i know for a fact i didnt fall asleep in. i find it to be a very bad way to start your day just cause you wonder from that point on “where else did i go or do?”

the first clip is the best just because of how he wakes up… its ok buddy, ive been there before as well. for what its worth, i hope you eventually catch whatever it is you chasing…

apparently this has happened more than once. go get em, you can do it!!!

there are many days where i wake up and say “dear God, thank you so much for youtube!?!”

a few awesome vids

thanks to my little bro scotty, i was privileged to watch these first two videos from ok so the first video is what i think every time i look at those giant 64oz monster drinks. i mean come on, really? do you need all that crap. i gaurantee you within ten years there will be some serious side effects from this crap, and they will be banned (not so sure about the latter).

if you want to know what my work experience is like at bushwhackers, this video is not far off. especially the comments about vermont, mexicans, and gays. i have wondered why is the redneck style of life appealing to many? when does massive ignorance, male camel toe, and handlebar mustaches seem like a great idea? if someone can explain this to me please do…

if you wanna know why americans hate soccer…this is why. i love soccer but i really do hate it when they dive like this, i mean come on finish the play damn it…

awesome miscommunication

this is obviously an older clip since the duke stuff was a while ago but this is something that you would expect to see on the daily show or the colbert report. nice job on the stats there clark. in his defense i do believe it was relevant to state the stats for the lacrosse team cause if they were in first place at that time then all charges should have been dropped, i mean come on, duh! that how we treat great athletics… ie ray lewis in 2000.


wanna feel awkward?

if one need further proof that dudes are generally idiots, well then here you go. i have always wondered why guys think this is a great idea, why the hell would you ask in front of a s-ton of people if you had any doubt in your head that the answer could be no? well i guess they deserve what happens next. also people have asked me “hey jeff why did you wait so long to pop the big Q?” well here you go, i wanted to make sure i knew what the answer was (does anyone buy that?). anyway the first one is the best especially right at the end… awkward


15 seconds of fame

i love how people feel the need to have their fame at some point in their life, i am not like that because i know im famous already? either way here are some clips of sports fans getting theirs…


i hope this one was scripted by the team… cause this kid has moves like young michael jackson.

im jealous of these moves as well.

you can fast forward this one it takes about a min before the douche shows up… but i think i want what this kid is having. im guessing it was a few pints of lager before the game without any fish and chips.

the college humor show

i generally try to avoid mtv like its an aids epidemic in Ethiopia, but they have recently added the college humor show. since this is one of the sites that i visit regularly i decided to give the show a try. verdict = pretty darn funny. for once mtv has actually brought something to the table that doesnt force me to down a gallon of jack daniels in order to stomach what my eyes are seeing. congrats mtv you now just really suck… so with that said here are a few videos of what their style of comedy is.


I heart hackers

this is great, some hackers busted into the system to change the road sings in order to warn drivers of zombies in the area. these are the skills that i need. the funny thing to me is that the report said that some people were pissed… why? i understand the people that work in the division that got hacked cause that makes you look like your incompetent, but really this is flat out funny.

windows 98/xp jam + bottle dominoes

just when i think i have way to much time, i find a video like this. someone made a song using only the sounds that came with windows 98 and xp (i didnt even know that they came with this many sounds). this actually is a pretty good song…


now here is a video of someone who had way more time (and drinking ability) than the previous video. i wonder if this was done in all one cut? i submit… no. btw the ending is awesome.


now you mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go out a waste a butt load of time today.

a loss for words

as many of you know there are very few times where im am at a loss for words. this is one of those moments. when i saw this pic for the first time my brain froze and i think some blood came out of my ears, for some unknown reason. i dont know if its the horse that hurt my head or maybe it was the t-shirt. i think it was just the pic as a whole, talk about random…