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robert powell = douche bag of the year

ok before i go into this post i would like to note that i believe that cops (in general) do great work and dont get enough credit for what they do, i also think that most cops are grown up bullies that have huge power issues… with that said robert powell is a douche bag. this story came out, i believe, yesterday. ryan moat is a running back with the houston texans and he was on his way to the hospital to spend the remaining minutes of his mother in-laws life when he got pulled over for running a red light (totally understandable). during the encounter it has been reported that he pulled his gun when moats wife got out of the car to run into the hospital, but wait it gets better. after the wife went into the hospital powell actually tells moat that he could “screw him over” if his attitude didnt change and start cooperating with him. CLASSY!!! during the encounter moat said “My mother-in-law is dying! Right now! You’re wasting my time! I don’t understand why you can’t understand that.” the worst part about this story is that while the douche bag cop was writing him his ticket for running a red light his mother in-law died therefore robbing him of the last moments they could have had together. with all of that said i take my hat off to ryan moat for being the bigger man in this moment, i would have told the cop to F off and gone in.

if you want to read a much better written and investigated article click here

below is the complete recording of the encounter. the best part is the end when the two cops are talking and dont even recognizing what just happened. “hey im going to get out of here and get something to eat”. DOUCHE BAG!!!

i wonder if this would have been a story if it wasnt a NFL player?

part 2

another great bud light commercial

i dont know who writes anheuser bush commercials but i need to get a job with that company. i think that would be the best job ever writing commercials like this. with that said i think every office/workplace should have a swear box for this exact reason. it would be like working in germany? (i hear they drink a lot there) for some reason i think utah would have a hard time getting this to fly.

with that said… enjoy

hi-caliber = republican rapper

if you feel the need for some conservative rap then your man is hi-caliber. he was inspired by michael savage to become a republican rapper. agree or not with his points of view, hes not that bad!?! with that said i give you something you can listen to during the commercial breaks of the glenn beck program.


when i hear music like this i revert back to my youth when i listened to dc talk

the names brand

here is another t-shirt company that is making money with a very simple but awesome idea. the names brand company is a site that puts the names of your favorite whatever on clothes so you can be a walking billboard for your interests. so i pulled a couple that i would actually purchase if it were not for the fact that they are $23 and i have a hard time spending that for a simple t-shirt. this site is also kinda fun to try and figure out what the names are from while browsing the site. BTW i dont know of any dude that would wear a jonas brothers t-shirt, but it must be in some kind of demand for them to make them… gaydar!

too bad this isnt the starting 5


they should have put “baird” instead of “damon” cause they never use the name “damon” in the game gears of war (im a nerd)


classic goodness


if your using the needler then your a complete noob. i have always seen that gun as a slump buster for kills.


i never knew the names for daft punk… now i do. thanks!!!


fake nissan commercial

if car companies actually made commercials like this i would be more apt to actually buy one of their overpriced hunks of metal. i think andy does what i think a lot of people want to do to prius owners (well maybe not exactly). do you get the same snobby feeling from prius owners/drivers that i do? anyway this made me laugh pretty hard…

p.s. i hope conan brings back andy when he moves to the earlier time slot.

college humor prank war

why does collegehumor rule so much? this is the first video i have seen of these prank wars but if the rest are as mean as this one then count me in for the rest. amirs reactions are priceless, i think i would just cry.

the daily show rips cnbc

i think what i love about this clip is the fact that jon stewart is saying what i think a lot of people are thinking right now. to me it shows how no one, and i do mean no one, knows what the crap is going on in this economy. cnbc is where a ton of people get their advice from and if they were saying these things when the recession was starting… then why the crap would you listen to them now? im not going to say that i have any clue on what is the best way to deal with this recession but i do think its important to understand that even the professionals are throwing darts with a blindfold on. the best part about this clip is the very end when they show a clip of cnbc interviewing sir allen stafford (you know…the dude that stole a butt load of cash) i think jon says it best.

enjoy… its worth watching the whole clip.

with all of that said i found this pic and thought it was pretty funny. we keep hearing this “they are too big to fail” comment… why are they too big? what is wrong with letting a company fail? if they screwed it up then why do we have to pay for it?

ok ill get off my soap box now…