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"mystery men" in real life

i figured it would be just a matter of time before i found this little nugget of a great story. i give you “shadow hare” a real life “super hero”. ya thats right, there is someone out there that thinks they are a “super hero”. i truly do hope that this is a joke. if not then i suggest getting into some therapy of some sorts for about 20-50 years. the best part of the little clip is the cops expression when “shadow hare” gives him his card… priceless!!! i wanna move to cincinatti…

one more thing, if you havent seen the movie “mystery men” then go out and rent it today.


the truth about comments *NSFW*

every time i read the comments about some random pic i always think to myself

“wow, people are really stupid”

“how did this get turned into a racist rant”

and occasionally

“holy crap that was really funny”

so with that said here is a video of what every comment section looks like on most of the sites i visit.

i give you “we didnt start the flame war”… i love college humor so much!

go ahead and skip this one mom and dad

tiffany + star wars/macgyver

there are so many reasons why i really love the internet, in this case i love it cause it makes me realize that i could be a lot more screwed up. this is a trailer for a movie that is coming out (or could be out im not sure) about 2 dudes (one im not so sure about) that have an obsession with tiffany. there are so many shades of awkward/creepiness in this one…

vijay sing skips to a hole in one

this video is kinda hard to tell what happens so let me explain. apparently this is a tradition leading up to the masters. all the players try to purposely skip the ball off the water on its way to the whole. well vijay sing actually got a hole in one after skipping it off the water a few times. if your curious to how i golf… this is it minus the hole in one and the fact that he did it on purpose…


music video monday

happy monday internets world.

today i give you a couple of sick vids that talk about stuff that we all deal with… coding, white people problems and then some other stuff.

i understood maybe 1/8th of what he was saying but none the less it did make coding a bit cooler in my eyes. when i understand half of this ill be happy…

now i dont care who you are this is just funny.this vid speaks the truth about how men and women communicate… i think?

p.s. im missing the rick emerson show in the afternoon…

dont know about this one

i usually like what improv everywhere does but i think that this one crosses the line a bit. i think that to do a improv around a funeral is a bit (thanks for the word dad) tacky. or is this just an april fools joke? what do you think?

with that said i found this video today and it is awesome. i think that blazer fans have been retarded when it comes to the expectations of greg oden, if you read some of the comments on the web about oden you will find that there is no one more retarded that die hard sports fan. lets look at the facts, first, he just had micro-fracture surgery which takes about 2 years to fully recover. second, if you look at his body of work (high school/college) he was never the offensive player that we were sold on. and third, dwight howard (also a #1 draft pick) averaged 12ppg, and 10rpg in his rookie season where as greg is averaging 9ppg, and 7 rpg, not that far off and im pretty sure dwight turned out pretty good.

so with all of that said… BLAZER FAN, give him time and he will be more than just ok… RELAX!!!

happy april fools day, ive already got dooped by a stupid scare video. i hate those damn things!!!

on another note, the officer previously titled “douche bag of the year” has resigned. whew… at least he knows that hes a douche bag… that is a step in the right direction!!!