Monthly Archives: July 2009

catching up with anakin

i found this vid today and was pretty intrigued by what he had to say about life after george lucas. i found it interesting that he says at one point that he has tried to block out a memory of watching the movie that he was in, but i would guess a lot of actors do that…
the rocking is awesomely awkward

now here for something sweet… in the near future i will be getting hitched and i am trying to get my future wife to do something like this just for an ice breaker.


im done with the news…

i think i have officially signed off on watching any type of news. I used to watch fox and realized that they are all a bunch of “the sky is falling” schizos, so then i decided that i would see what cnn is all about… and this is what they report on. obama swatting a fly better than ahmadinejad. REALLY?
hey cnn your nose is a bit brown, and fox the sky is not falling… now report some real news.
i will stick with sportscenter from here on…